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Generally, when a landlord evicts a tenant and takes possession of the premises, the lease is terminated and the right to claim rent which accrues after the. Regaining vacant possession of a commercial property will often involve taking the tenant to court in order to evict them on an agreed date. Common Issues with Commercial Real Estate. For example, perfection can be obtained by taking possession of certain types of collateral, such as accounts.

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The tenant should receive a fixed rent abatement during the time it takes to complete the tenant's construction. Possession of Premises. New York leases include. Need Professional Help? Talk to a Real Estate Attorney. If such items are designated as “additional rent” in the lease, the landlord may initiate a summary proceeding to recover possession of the premises for the.

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Need Professional Help? Talk to a Real Estate Attorney. May actions for summary possession be brought for commercial rental agreements? landlords of commercial properties may file a distress for rent. Texas is a relatively pro-landlord state when it comes to commercial lease legal steps to completely evict the tenant and regain possession of the property.